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Are you a software developer and own applications on Android or iOS?
Would you like to maximize profit from these applications?

CleverNET will help you get more and more revenue from this available resource. We provide SDK to integrate ad into application on smartphone for both Android and iOS – 2 most popular operating systems in the world.

CleverNET provide services with remarkable quality::

Immense amount of advertising data

CleverNET have an inclusive relationship network with many reputable advertisers both at home and abroad. You completely can completely choose adverting mode suitable for your app content in order to achieve the best result.

Quick implementing process

In only some easy steps, you can get money from your Android or iOS applications. In addition, you also follow and control your advertising campaigns.

Variety of ad formats (text, banner, video)

Optimized with small screen and always-changing makes your program more attractive. Then, the number of clicks increases as a result of user’s attention.

Safety and saving

Mobile SDK doesn’t matter to software’s efficiency as well as users’ personal information, at the same time it also minimizes Internet traffic

Maximum support

Any enquiry or request will be cleared up thoroughly by CleverNET’s very-experienced staffs. We will follow, report and adjust ad campaign with you in order to achieve the maximum results..

Come to CleverNET to get advice and start maximize revene with your own products right now!

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