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CleverNET Introduction

CleverNET is ad-framework

on mobile, laptop, notebook, PC and computing devices which are able to connect Internet. We’ve created connection between Advertisers and Publishers.

“Mobility” trend

is happening in Vietnam with smartphone’s average growth rate of 100%/year. The number of application on smartphone has increased rapidly. Thus, user is facilitated to “mobilize” any task they do on laptop, PC into smartphone. As the the number of people using smartphones increase rapidly, it’s become essential for the demand of marketing.

CleverNET, the bridge

between enterprises (Advertiser) can easily introduce products or services on the best known contents. And Publisher can maximize revenue on their own content..

System is compatible

with all applications, websites, wapsites (content) running on operating system for smartphone such as iOS, Android, Symbian … and even usual workstation.

Developed by CleverAds

– Google Premier SMB Partner in Vietnam, CleverNET is inherited enormous customer databases as well as great experience of 4 years in the online marketing section from CleverAds.

Come to CleverNET

right now to maximize your revenue!

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