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CleverNET update version Android SDK 3.1

After a period of development, CleverNET has launched version SDK 3.1 for applications integrating this platform. The new SDK version promises to bring many positive changes with high stability and maximum revenue for app developers.
- Here is the SDK:

- Android SDK integration guideline :

The new highlights are published in the SDK version 3.1 including upgrading the security features by encrypting the entire SDK, accompanied by 4 new ad formats including Full Screen (full screen ads ), Pop-Up, Box Ads (Advertising Rich Media) and List Ads. With this new change, CleverNET is expected to bring new wind to mobile ads which has been familiar with banner and standard text formats. In addition to display factor, these new ad formats promise to gain the Conversion Rate higher for products with mobile ads on CleverNET. According to the latest statistics, CleverNET achieved average conversion rate of 5% for digital goods (applications, games …) and 2-3% for tangible goods (consumer goods, fashion …). More information is updated at:

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