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CleverNET realease the new SDK for Windows Phone OS

With achievements gained from Android and iOS SDK, CleverNET continued successful development SDK for Windows Phone OS. Although launched after many operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry … but Windows Phone soon overcomed BlackBerry to become the 3rd most popular platform in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Number of mobile phones using WindowsPhone has increased rapidly in recent years, accompanied Windows Phone users community in Vietnam are increasingly expanding into the millions of people.

CleverNET Windows Phone SDK has many diverse features:

  • Security features through full encryption SDK.
  • Support new ad formats include Full Screen (Advertisement fullscreen), Pop-Up, Box Ads (Ads Rich Media) and list Ads besides banner and text formats.
  • Ad features free diagonal (Ad Exchange) helps Publishers have more potential users for its products at a cost of 0.
  • Advertising connectivity features with other Network Ad to increase the number of ads displayed on applications, thereby optimizing the efficiency of revenue for Publishers.

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